Zine about Feminist Pedagogies: Discussing Intersectionality, Accessibility and Feminist Labour

ii. Kaura+Jemina

First, we are a pedagogical duo who works with and within culture and art institutions, especially museums, and study and develop feminist pedagogy and queer and crip pedagogies. Our work includes guided tours, diverse public engagement, teaching, workshops and consultation.

The premise of our work as well as this material is that contemporary feminist discussions are thoroughly pedagogical in nature, whereas this aspect has not been addressed properly. As feminism pursues societal change, it inherently requires an actual possibility of changing one’s actions, environments, social relations and patterns of thought — and this, in short, is what unlearning oppression. As feminism is an innately critical movement, feminism is about learning. We believe that thoughts, attitudes and discourses are concrete actions, and that focusing on the learning process within feminist movement is very much hands-on and tangible work that needs further attention. Our views are partly based on the new materialist ontology where matter and meaning are entangled and co-constitute each other (Barad, 2007; see other references in section vi). Therefore, the approach to pedagogy is transformative and underlines the importance of unlearning.

This material was made for Feminist Leadership Platform in spring 2020 as a course material about the role of feminist pedagogies in feminist leadership.

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